Holland Maze

A playful adaptation of the tulip fields found in the Netherlands.

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Sun, Part Shade

The Holland Maze is a playful adaptation of the tulip fields found in the Netherlands. The lot design consists of a series of mounds planted with tulips, lavender and geraniums. The planted mounds create a bold pattern that can be enjoyed from afar—whether walking, biking or driving past. The Holland Maze features bright summer colors and includes a small rain garden. Plants have been selected for beautification, habitat creation and broad availability from retailers ranging from weekend vendors at Eastern Market to big box retailers.

Ideal Location: Single, double, or multiple lots in full sun or part sun.


The estimated cost of the Holland Maze is over $5,500 and based on utilizing volunteer and professional labor. The Field Guide recommends hiring a professional for earthwork and lot preparation. The cost assumes that residents or volunteers have access to basic safety gear and garden tools. One cost to consider is the need for transportation—while there are no large items like trees in this lot design, you will want access to a truck to deliver the full amount of materials and supplies to your lot. You will also need access to water for this plant-intensive design.

Vegetation and Visibility

The clean, bold and geometric plantings of the Holland Maze, combined with a flat shape, provide clear visibility across the lot from the street to the alley.

Planting Type

Most Interesting Season


The installation of this lot design will require professional assistance for the first few steps. The Field Guide identifies volunteer opportunities if you, with the help and support of friends, family or neighbors, would like to complete the planting portion of this lot design. Please refer to the Step-By-Step section for guidance on professional and volunteer recommended steps.

The estimated installation time is for the volunteer opportunities detailed in the Step-By-Step section only. The Field Guide estimates the installation time of this lot design to be one to two full weekends with a volunteer group organized by a knowledgeable lot leader. The Field Guide recommends the help of at least 10 healthy adults, or youth, to complete this lot design, assuming that the lot is ‘construction ready,’ and all equipment and materials required for the lot design have been acquired and are ready to use.

Please note that the cut and fill are balanced on this lot design, so while there are earthworks required, you will not need to add or subtract soil from the site. If you do not feel able to tackle the volunteer aspect of this lot design, a professional can construct the entire project.

Build Time Estimate

Twenty hands or more! With the help of friends, family or neighbors, the volunteer-lead planting part of this project could be completed in two weekends. The Field Guide assumes the lot is ‘construction ready,’ and all equipment and materials required for the lot design have been acquired and are ready to use.

Build Difficulty

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Permit Requirements


Just like the building process, maintaining your Holland Maze is best done with a group of participants. Gardens require care and maintenance to do well and look their best—and bold, geometric patterns like the Holland Maze require extra care and attention to stay sharp. Water and weed plants regularly, especially during the first few years.

As mulch pathways biodegrade into soil, place the newly created soil onto the mounds. This new soil will be rich in nutrients and a welcome food source for established plants. Add new mulch to pathways and continue this process throughout the garden’s lifespan.

Lavender grows quite well in Detroit, but late season cold snaps have been known to damage the cold-tolerant cultivars of Lavender selected for the Holland Maze. Please be advised that in the event of such a cold spell, you will need to replace your plants. The Holland Maze is a ‘Cadillac’ lot design—one that will look great and ride smooth once it’s up and running and you’ve had a chance to learn how to operate all of the features.

Low-maintenance fescue mix should be watered daily until seedlings are four to six inches in height. Once established, grass will not require supplemental watering except during unusually dry periods.

Landscapes are a work in progress. Bulbs and perennials may need to be replaced to keep the garden dynamic and playful. Be creative and make it your own!

Seasonal Upkeep Levels

  • Spring: High
  • Summer: High
  • Fall: Medium
  • Winter: Low

Upkeep Frequency

Upkeep Skill Levels

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